How Can Ventilation Potentially Prolong the Life of Your Roof?

TAMKO's Rapid Ridge attic ventilation system

Is your roof properly ventilated? An under-ventilated attic space can result in higher utility bills and cause shingles to age more quickly. An attic ventilation system that combines continuous eaves and ridge vents provides attic spaces with even and natural draft ventilation from top to bottom.

For many homeowners, choosing an attic ventilation system can be a challenge.

TAMKO’s Rapid Ridge attic ventilation system is one option. Rapid Ridge is a self-contained, nail gun installable, ridge-vent product on a roll. It’s made with two-layers of composite material comprised of a nylon-polyester, nonwoven, non-wicking fabric that’s heat-bonded to a compression-resistant, open-nylon matting of three-dimensional construction.

Rapid Ridge is designed to be quick and easy to install. The system doesn’t require any baffles, metal connectors, end caps or special filters for installation and can be capped using roofing shingles. Once it’s installed, the system will be out-of-sight because it is hidden by the shingles.

Here is an overview of Rapid Ridge:

  • Quick and easy to install with a pneumatic gun; no adapter or special tools needed.
  • Flexible and conforms to most roof pitches.
  • Virtually invisible to improve curb appeal.
  • Features a unique geotextile design to help prevent snow, rain and insect infiltration.
  • Requires no metal connectors, baffles, end caps or special features for installation.

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