How to Choose Shingles for Your Roof

Your roof is one of the most important parts of your home. It keeps out the rain and weather, keeps out the critters that might otherwise decide that you would make good roommates, and generally ensures that you are warm and comfortable. So the type of shingles that you cover your roof with matters. But what makes a shingle right for you? Well, that depends somewhat on your personal preferences. Here are some of the most important things to consider when choosing shingles:

The Color

This is where you can let personal taste dictate your choice. The shade of your shingles can be a simple, standard gray or black, or you can opt for one of the more colorful options that have become popular on the market in recent years. For instance, you could choose TAMKO’s MetalWorks® AstonWood® Vermont Blue to match your slate-colored home or the Heritage® Rustic Redwood to complement your white siding. When deciding on a color, remember to look at your house as a whole and ask yourself the following questions:

  • What color are your shutters? They shouldn’t clash with your shingles.
  • Is there brickwork on any part of your home? This may affect your color choice.
  • Are the top and bottom story of the house made of different materials? You’ll want to match both colors.
  • What does your landscaping look like? Precise lawns may look better with certain colors than wild, naturalistic ones.
  • What color palette is your garden normally? If you choose a lot of purple, grey roofing might suit it; yellow might be better complemented by red or brown roofing.
  • Are you going for subtle, old-fashioned, or bold? Simple blacks, tans, and grays are probably best for traditional looks; reds, blues, and greens are a great choice if you want your roof to pop!

The Cut

TAMKO roofing

The shape and appearance of the shingles you choose is also largely a matter of personal preference, though the type you choose may have some impact on the final price you pay. While not everyone has the money to install wood, stone, slate or tile shingles because the materials can be expensive, there are alternatives out there that look just as good. TAMKO’s Heritage® line is meant to mimic the shape and depth of wood, while their MetalWorks® steel shingles offers tile-, slate- and wood-like textures. Choose the one you think would suit the style of home you have and the specific aesthetic you are aiming for.

Warranty Coverage

Home improvements like a new roof are large investments and, as such, need to come with a limited warranty. After all, when you spend thousands of dollars on a roof, you want assurance that you will have a remedy if there is a manufacturing defect which causes leaks. One important part of the limited warranty is the Full Start Period, which is the time during which you are covered 100% for replacement shingles and their installation (not including tear-down and disposal). For instance, TAMKO’s Full Start Period for its Heritage® series is 15-20 years, depending on the specific shingles, and 25 years for the MetalWorks® collection. Choose a shingle that comes with an impressive Full Start Period.

These are some of the most important considerations when choosing shingles. What else do you look for?

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